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I Was in a Coma and Heard My Wife Saying, ‘Our Plan Worked’

My mother-in-law destroyed my wedding. I’m allergic to seafood and she knew it. She secretly added tiny pieces of fish to my salad. I saw her laughing as I was rushed from the altar in an ambulance. I made a decision to get back at her in a way she’d never forget.

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Three days later, my furious husband burst into my room yelling, “THIS IS TOO MUCH, HOW COULD YOU?”

Feigning innocence, I looked at him and asked . “What are you talking about, John?”

He held up a piece of paper, his face red with anger. “You sent this letter to my mother, didn’t you? The one accusing her of sabotaging our wedding and threatening to expose her to the entire family?”

I sat up straighter, my expression hardening. “Yes, I did. Because it’s the truth.”

John’s eyes widened. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done? You’ve torn our family apart! My mother is hysterical! She would never do something like that!”

I was shocked at what I was hearing. “John, I saw her laughing as I was taken away in an ambulance. She knew about my allergy, and she still did it.”

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He shook his head, refusing to believe it. “My mother wouldn’t try to harm you. She just wanted the best for our wedding.”

I stood up, my hands trembling with rage. “The best for our wedding? By nearly ki_lling me? Are you serious right now?”

While John’s anger seemed to deflate a bit, he still looked conflicted. “I just can’t believe she would do something so malicious.”

“Believe it,” I said coldly. “Your mother has never liked me. She did this on purpose, and she needs to face the consequences.”

John sighed, rubbing his temples. “So what now? You want to destroy my relationship with my mother?”

I softened, trying to reach him. “I don’t want to destroy anything, John. But I won’t let her get away with this. She needs to apologize and make amends. Until then, I can’t pretend everything is okay.”

He looked at me, his eyes filled with pain. “And if she doesn’t?”

I took a deep breath, my resolve hardening. “Then I don’t know if we can move forward. I can’t live with someone who doesn’t respect me or my health.”

John looked torn, the love for his mother and his love for me warring inside him. Finally, he nodded slowly. “I’ll talk to her. But please, don’t do anything rash. This is still my family.”

I nodded, feeling a glimmer of hope. “Thank you, John. That’s all I ask.”

Later that day, John went to his mother’s house. I waited anxiously, wondering how the conversation would go. Hours passed before he returned, his face a mixture of sadness and determination.

“Well?” I asked, my heart pounding.

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He sighed heavily. “She admitted it. She said she thought it was just a harmless joke and didn’t expect you to actually get hurt.”

My stomach churned with a mix of anger and disbelief. “A harmless joke? Is she serious?”

John nodded. “She apologized. She’s willing to make amends, but it’s going to take time.”

I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. “Thank you, John. That’s all I needed to hear.”

We hugged, and I knew that it would be a long road to recovery. But at least now, the truth was out, and we could start to heal the wounds caused by my mother-in-law’s cruel actions.

In the end, my mother-in-law’s attempt to ruin my wedding had brought John and me closer together. It wasn’t the way I wanted to start our marriage, but it had shown us both the importance of honesty and standing up for each other, no matter the cost.