Home Funny A Drunk Husband Arrived Late At His Home.

A Drunk Husband Arrived Late At His Home.

Once a drunk husband arrived late at his home, He rang the bell..

Wife : where have you been till this late, I am not going to open the door. Sleep outside on the road tonight.

There was a well beside their house.

Husband : I’ll Jump into well If you don’t open the door.

Wife : Do whatever you have to do, I won’t open the door tonight.

Husband picks a big stone and threw it into the well, wife opens the door and ran towards the well.

Husband enters the house and locked it from inside.

Wife : Open the door, otherwise I’ll shout and people will gather here.

Husband : Let them gather, I’ll ask you in front of them that from where are you coming this late and that too in night wear.